She is nice, funny and loyal. Her ass is fat and she wants it bigger. She has lots of friends but she should never replace her bestfriends.
1. Her ass is fat
2. She has to be a Taylor
by 5556 August 13, 2020
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A girl that is only a big flirt, she will flirt with anyone and anybody’s man she can never commit she will not date you but just play you and she is a awful friend and just uses you and thinks she is soo pretty but honestly she ain’t got nothing special about her. She only follows you on Instagram to get a follow back and then unfollowes you she is also the fake is person you’ll ever meet she’s so fake that you might think she’s made out of plastic
Uggg I try to be friends with this girl but she can’t be a good friend back

She must me a Taylor
by 10293847 Shaniqua1028474692 November 09, 2019
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An absolutely gorgeous person who is extremely caring and nice, All Taylor’s are generally hot and have an amazing figures. If you are not currently dating a Taylor you should get with one. Taylor’s are men of beauty and usually a gorgeous brunette. They are all you wish you had and the best choice for a boyfriend

If you date or dated these gorgeous Taylor's you have all you'll ever need or you are mental and let the best thing you had go, without realizing it. Taylor's are the best in bed even if they appear they aren't. Taylor doesn’t try to impress anyone, and hates when people try to impress him. He is not a snob & not a jealous person. Ever mess with him; you'll have other people to deal with. He’s the type of person people can trust and be very close to. He is really down to earth and generally doesn’t care what other people think he has an amazing personality.
Wow do you see Taylor?!?
He looks so good today!
by Truefacts1465 December 19, 2020
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Taylor is a big fucking cunt that likes women and sleeps with her own dad who gets stuck in the laundry machine all the time because he has crippling autism.
OMG she is such a taylor! did you hear what she did?
by GayhomoCHed January 16, 2020
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Taylor is a female that beats up man, and does a serious amount of drugs.
"Did you see when taylor beat the shit out of that dude?"
Me: "yeah #manbeatertingz"
"She also cheated on her boyfriend, and then when he put his hand on a girls thigh that's when Taylor went sicko mode"
by ali snyder October 23, 2019
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Taylor is a very fun, sporty, and kind individual, If you know a Taylor they are typically shy or "shady" around someone they dont know. Most Taylors are big fans of Soccer/Football. But once you meet a Taylor and get to know them you will be the best of the best friends because she is capable of making things super hilarious as well as caring for you at the same time.
"Who is that over there??"

Oh thats just the best person you could ever be friends with, Taylor.
by theurbantruther November 17, 2020
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