Taylor is the guy everyone wants to be friends with. He has a baby face and is super cute. He is loyal to friends and family no matter what. However he sometimes neglects his significant others needs in order to help others. His heart is big and full of love. He is usually described as being pretty chill and relaxed. But he has a temper with a short fuse. He is not very willing to forgive when a person hurts someone he loves.
Taylor is the the guy that all the bitches love.

If I could be anybody, I would be a Taylor
by Greysfan15 December 19, 2016
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A Taylor will simultaneously be completely honest with you while also being full of shit. It’s like a super power. Taylor walks with his head held high because he is self aware. He knows his faults, but he is also highly aware of his greatness. He is the kind of guy that will go out to slay the dragon but tames it instead. Even dragons are enthralled by a Taylor with dark brown hair and eyes. Arriving home Taylor will stand tall, in all his glory, awaiting the worship he deserves. A Taylor will have an entourage of loyal and adoring followers waiting on his every whim. Taylor will play with puppies in the park, go for a long drive, or fight in a cage match depending on his mood. He has zero tolerance for a lack of common sense and is brutal only when necessary. A Taylor will surprise you with his wittiness as well as his freaky ness. No one is immune to the charm of a Taylor.
A: Did you see that Taylor tame that dragon?
B: Yeah. He’s so dreamy. Taylor can tame me anytime.

Taylor: Will you hold this for me and keep it safe? (Holds out his closed hand)
Girl: (holds out open hand) Of course!
Taylor: (smoothly holds girl’s hand while flashing a charming grin)
Girl: (giggles)
by BetIrving February 09, 2018
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Perfect. Literally perfect, nothing tops it. Sweet, sexy, funny all the good stuff in this world.
Why can’t everyone be a Taylor, oh ya everyone can’t be perfect
by Lo0Ol June 28, 2017
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blonde, strawberyy blonde, brownish redheads. they can NEVER decide their hair color. taylors are comfortable with their friends and are always willing to make more. one taylor is my best friends. taylors are loyal and NOT backstabbers. give a taylor a hug today(:
and they like to stick lemon wedges up their vaginas and scream my name! i would know that(: they also like hairy dildos too(: have fun with ur taylor!
taylors like puppies
by angelaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa February 01, 2009
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