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Taylor, Michigan is a suburb of Detroit located in the cluster of communities known as "Downriver" in Wayne County. Because of the alleged Southern roots of many of the city's residents, people of surrounding communities use the uninspired nickname "Taylortucky" to describe the city. In reality, the only part of Taylor that is seemingly exclusively redneck is the southwest corner. Other than that, the city is no different from any other middle-class American suburb. Due to the high population of solid Democrats, the city's population has been dropping since 1980 along with every other city in Wayne County. Although, at approximately 62,000, the city still houses more people than any other Downriver community. Other Downriver residents' contempt for Taylorites very well may be caused by the fact that Taylor is a larger scale city than the rest of Downriver (not only in population, but land area as well) and really the only significant one. Their contempt may also be caused by Taylor's poor school system which became flooded with residents of the highly ghetto city of Inkster years ago. Taylor is home to Southland Center, the only mall located Downriver, two golf courses, a large shopping district, a sportsplex, 5 grocery stores, a large city park known as Heritage Park, and many other fine establishments.
Taylor, Michigan might not be perfect (no city is), but it's still a nice place to live.
by ChrisIsMyName July 10, 2013
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