An oiled, ken- doll like celebrity who doesnt own a shirt and cannot act.

First, he was sharkboy, and now, a werewolf.

What next? Uni- Dick? (thats unicorn dick)
Crabbe: Dude, your Jolly Rancher kinda looks like Taylor Lautner.

Goyle: Does that even make sense?
by Blajhidh;eogrTIMMY! January 28, 2011
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The beloved and gorgeous actor from Twilight, currently heard to be dating old friend Kara Hilow.
"Man, that Taylor Lautner is one lucky guy to have all the ladies all over him."
by shamuuu4evaa. March 23, 2009
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a totally hot and gorgeous guy
he has been in a few movies
A.K.A.totally hot werewolf!!
Taylor fan #1-OMG isnt Taylor Lautner so gorgeous?

Taylor fan#2-I know!

Taylor fan#3-if i was bella/kristen i would dump the sparkly vampire dude and be with jacob!!
by RandomCoolPerson101 April 8, 2010
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taylor lautner is probably the most annoying young adult i have ever heard of. okay, hes got muscles, but HAVE YOU SEEN HIS NOSE. :| it is the most ugly and fat nose on this planet. google it, taylor lautners face... then zoom in. it gives poeple nightmares.
meanwhile, robert pattinson is sitting in the corner drinking a starbucks mocha frappucino while he daydreams about taylor's terrifying nozzle. taylor doesnt realise this, and so continues to dream about himself and how to style his mascara for breaking dawn part 1. its true.
girl who has never seen taylor lautners nose- AHMYGAD. taylor lautner is just the sexiest thing on this planet. i mean, his face is just perfect, innit?!

me- eh no. *googles taylor lautners face* BOOM, its like death.

girl- AMFG that is just horrible. thats it hes lost me as a fan, that means he only has 500,342 left. yeah, google told me that. omg i have to tell everyone! ROBERT PATTINSON FTW. ;D


by ew.checksyaface June 21, 2010
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Everyone says he's so fuckin sexy. I dont really agree with them!!!
"Taylor Lautner is SOOOOOOO hot!" not really
by QuinnGleeLover June 17, 2010
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A brilliant actor with a variety of roles, all of which he was good in. The most overlooked role is in Abduction (2011).
Person: "Remember the Taylor Lautner film: "Abduction" from 2011?"
Literally any other person: "Nah, but I remember him as Sharkboy and Jacob Black now."
Person: "It was such an amazing film, and those critics don't know what they're talking about. They're probably all too big of twilight fans to get their heads out of their..."
Literally any other person: "Fine, I'll watch the movie."
*Watches it*
Literally any other person: "That was DAMN GOOD!!!! The acting, the actors, so rich, so good... it's the perfect abduction film, and they should do a sequel with Taylor Lautner again OMG!!!!!!"
Person: Yet critics rate it very poorly, and it made only 90 million at the box office.
Literally any other person: "I cannot deny, that role was seriously overlooked! He should do more movies like that!"
by HelaTHor4_GTGB May 10, 2021
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