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While in the process of explaining something or in the middle of a conversation you drift off into a crazy tangent explaining it in excruciating detail to the point that you forget what you were talking ab...out in the first place.

Synonyms: ADHD, Taylor's way of confusing girls to sleep with him, Rambling, Beyond the point of Boredom, Taylor's #1 hobbie
Happy Birthday buddy, just wanted to make you feel special by making you famous by giving you your own phrase cause buying a star and naming it after you is too cliche, stars did you know that there is an infinite amount of stars in the sky, the light that we do see from the stars can be blocking stars that are even farther away or are being blocked to our vision by a star that is closer to us, sorry what was I talking about again? I just went on a Taylor Hollowell tangent.
by Dirk Montes August 19, 2011
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