1 A yoshi 2 not doing your taxes 3
1that tax fraud’s looks 2my mom committed tax fraud
by Yoshi commits tax fraud February 25, 2019
we all did it don't lie or i will kill you in your sleep
my uncle commited tax fraud
by taxfrauder2000 April 28, 2021
Yoshi is a dirty bastard who doesn't pay his taxes untill he grows some balls and pay his taxes this drity bastard will not appear in any games soon
by Anonymous Teen 133 April 12, 2019
Probably a film worthy of the name perfection. A film that basically throws every other movie down the toilet. A film that makes Avengers Endgame look like a home movie. This movie went down as the first 200% film on Rotten Tomatoes.
God damn, that new film was incredible.

What was it called?
Spider-Man: Commits Tax Fraud
by Men? February 19, 2020
A snapshot of the game Fortune street Yoshi being a character in game, the snapshot reveals of Yoshi asking the player for him to prevent paying taxes. This made the internet thinks Yoshi commited the crime of tax fraud.
Bill: Hahah. Yoshi commits tax fraud how funny.
Tek: it's not funny anymore

Bill: huh?
Tek: E N D M E P L S
by Donor boi October 13, 2021