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This was the name of a site started by a person with the username of StevenFett. It was an updated version of the Tree of Life site, where Steve posted his battle reports from the Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos Beta. The site stayed on for a awhile, about 2 years, and is apparently being revamped for World of Warcaft, but won't be keeping it's former name.

After the site was taken down recently, a Walt Whitman poem is being displayed there strangly, most of its forum members went to an associated site, druidofthechicken. Or are waiting for Steve, who is supposed to be somewhere on the forums currently, to post the new site.
The actual name Taurentotem is from a troop building in Warcraft 3.
by bardiche256 January 06, 2004
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The Best fucking Community on the Web.
Forklift: Hey guys this game so cool lolz we should all play its fun why not guys?

Community: STFU, IQ < 2, gg!
by Anon July 01, 2003
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