a dumb bitch who can somehow do math but doesn't understand basic fucking english
"what "tatum" get on the english test today" "a 36% the girls a fucking idiot
by tatsumae April 28, 2021
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Québecois slang for imbecile, idiot. Can also mean a salute of the hand.
"Toé t'es un esti d'tata"
"La fille dans le fond te fait des tatas"
via giphy
by clipeuh April 30, 2021
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A tata is a classic cuban dessert made out of watermelon with chilled frosting.
I went to a Cuban restaurant and for dessert I ordered tatas.
by KashMoneyJ January 08, 2015
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In Liberian Kolokwa (creole language spoken in Liberia), Tata means vagina.
“Da my tata water”
That’s my vagina fluid.
by Pruhdada January 23, 2020
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a word which is typically know to be used by the “Kardashians”. ta ta is a synonym of the word “goodbye” or “later”
“talk to you later, ta ta”

“i’m so late for my meeting ta ta”
“you’re such a biatch, ta ta”
by lin manuel’s coochie August 19, 2020
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