A girl who jumps from obsession to obsession. Examples: Camp Camp, IT, Hazbin Hotel.
Tatum has me locked in her basement send help please
by HELPPME December 22, 2019
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Girls named Tatum are usually really kind, cool and caring. Tatum’s always there to help and make you feel better. Tatum’s super beautiful on the inside and outside and is up to helping everyone. Though Tatum is so trusting and kind that it’s easy for her to be manipulated by girls like Avery and she’s an easy target for bullying because she’s so kind, beautiful and trusting. justice for Tatum she deserves better
Tatum: hi, Avery

Avery: I’m a dumb stupid insecure girl and I’m going to take my insecurities out on you because you’re literally perfect.
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by Celeste Kizakura August 04, 2020
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slang for potato, similar to tater
potatos -> p’tatums -> tatum(s)
How do you like yer tatums cooked?
by FoodWaterWifi June 16, 2020
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Tatas are ALWAYS lightskin people that stay in to much drama and like black and white guys
Tata just told me that you said this about me
by Michelle Gyro August 31, 2019
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a word which is typically know to be used by the “Kardashians”. ta ta is a synonym of the word “goodbye” or “later”
“talk to you later, ta ta”

“i’m so late for my meeting ta ta”
“you’re such a biatch, ta ta”
by lin manuel’s coochie August 19, 2020
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