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Tatum, they are very shy but become the goofiest person you may ever meet. She will always make your day that much better. They almost always feel insecure about their appearance but are the most adorable girls, they are the one boys are always after but once she find the right guy she'd never go with anyone else. But when alone they need a relationship to feel secure. They like bad boys but will always fall for the sweet, warm hearted guy of their dreams. And they will love them more than they ever know. A person like a Tatum is very rare and you should appreciate them because they don't come around often.

Tatums' typically have blue-green or grey eyes. Or it changes between all 3.

They usually have brown hair but love to change it to darker colors like black

Their favorite colors are almost always purple and black

Tatums' are typically girls who have a big booty
Man I'll never meet a girl like Tatum Zawada
by Lilspyke04 August 03, 2018
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