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The name Tatiana comes from the Russia Princess... and thats exactly what tatiana wants to be, a princess. She enjoys flirting with any person she can get her hands on however she always runs back to the person who she makes out with... excuse me i mean fcuks :)...Even though she has one guy she must have control simultaniously on five other guys. If she does not have control she becomes extremely agitated and bothers people. A part of her control is convincing people to ditch for her or with her. she is always ditching and is very moody. she enjoys spending lunch in a sweatshirt on a bench. Also, she enjoys messing with peoples minds and witholding information. Tatiana is incapable of living without her fone and should have it glued to her ear... i mean too late.
Tatiana lost her fone and freaked out, she ran around the school looking for it. She was not worried about paying for the fone but instead she was worried about missing fone calls from superman
by tiphanee November 17, 2004
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