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When someone has nipples the size of tater tots. Either swollen or natural. They may occur after excessive sucking on the breast/nipple.
Dale: Man i sucked on that girl so hard last night, i gave her fucking tater tits.

Jon: Remember that chick from the bar last night? Defs had tater tits.
Geoff: Naaaasssstttt.
by bebeghrtzzzz October 02, 2009
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When you spill tater tots on your tits.
Caroline: DammitI spilled tater tots on my boobs!
Lizzie: They're tater tits!
by thelizardwizard March 18, 2016
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a woman with small nipples that you can eat and it wont harm her. The best thing is that they grow back th next day!! TATERTITS FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!! YYYYAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! I know its canibleism but thats alright.
"Oh baby i love your tatertits. Eat a whole bunch of ranch dressing tonight so I have a different flavour tomorow."
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When some one has tits that look like they eat tator tots for every meal
You are so fat you look like you have tater tits
by Biscuit doge June 10, 2018
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