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coke unveils new taste
new drink
by phatman 92 October 22, 2009
1. (Verb) To ingest bodily fluids produced as a by product of sexual climax.

2. (Verb, generally) to engage in sexual activity.

3. (Noun) the act of sexual intercourse; the style and/or quality of a person's sexual intercourse.
She invited me up for a drink, so I gave her a taste of my sweet pudding.

I tasted her sweet pudding last night.

I don't think I'll call him back - I don't like the taste of his sweet pudding.

What do you want to do tonight? Taste sweet pudding.
by St Gism July 5, 2013
The act of breathing in with mouth open tasting the food your going to enduljge in
I just had a breath taste of that chicken.
by Kperkins2212 June 18, 2019
The tasting of wine off the surface of a scrotum.
Hey we’re gonna do wine tasting but we’re gonna do Georgia wine Tasting so everybody get on your knees and get ready to lick this wine off my nuts
by Troll me and wine April 24, 2021
The definition of the type of food you consume without minutes notices because it sounded good, only to quickly realize that you're going to have a rough time on the toilet when you wake up from your food-induced coma.
"Jeez, I could really go for one of those Cinnamon-ginger-licorice-tasting fried chicken beaks."

"Dammit Bob, you know what happened to Jeremy!"

*mouth stuffed with cinnamon-ginger-licorice-tasting fried chicken beaks* "Wha?"
by Snoddas October 1, 2017