one who is so friggn stupid that the only way they can understand u is if u use monosyllabic words. also, one can use it to make fun of people wen one is around people who get upset at the use of the word "retard"
matt, you, are, so, tard.
pat is way tard
by noggie monster February 24, 2008
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Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder. Mental illness related to not being able to accept that President Trump is the President.
He cut off his penis because Trump won, he's a TARD .
by Drossman_ April 05, 2017
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a Tard is a kid who likes to touch stuff around him at random moments and bash his head on any near by object
Oh hes a Tard
by Titaan April 02, 2018
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TARD an acronym for Trump Acceptance/Rejection Disorder. A serious contagious mental disorder that spreads by contact with fake news and communist university professors.
Have you noticed all the anti-Trump definitions being submitted by TARDs?
by james savik October 30, 2017
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Trump Acceptance Refusal Disorder -- A mental disorder exemplified by the refusal to accept that Donald J Trump won the election.
Terry: Trump is NOT MY PRESIDENT!
Izzy: Terry, you are not accepting reality. You have TARD.
by k...7 November 20, 2016
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