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A family who can be found (in a Tarago, or equivalent with baby on board bumper sticker) at your local caravan park on vacation, in a tent, sporting bum bags, bottled water from home, and a camera around the neck weilding father. Dont forget the well prepared eski of rolls from home with Kraft cheese and Ham. Will be easily spotted by their perfectly pruned garden and bunnings outdoor setting. Tarago mothers will best be found (wearing cargo pants and a polo shirt given as a mothers groups kriskringle gift, finished off with a katmandu wind fleece vest) sitting by the pool supervising little janette and philllis, making sure they keep up the 4 hour routine of spf30 zinc and rash vests, followed by board shorts from Target.

Most common Tarago names: Gareth, Tennile, Helen, Tanya, Katrina, Darren, Phill and Ian etc.
To observe these common but frightening species, head to your local bunnings or grocery store.
Tarago Family Banter:
Tarryn: "hey graham, did you remember to pick up tenniles ear drops from mums?"
Graham: "oh strewth tarryn, bloody hell, you could have gone and done it, you had the tarago today and you know how i dont like to take the falcon on those bumpy roads!"
Tarryn: "well at least tell me you remembered to get the Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, i wanted to make that cottage pie recipe for Isaacs playdate, you know how Katrina judges us by our food, well have the whole town talking us down."
by TheTaragoCo. December 11, 2010
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