An acronym for "Tight-Ass-Pants" which refer to skintight pants and/or jeans and/or tight fitting leg apparatuses. TAPS is never to be said as T-A-P-S but always as TAPS (tap-z) or actually said out in the form of Tight-Ass-Pants. Often worn during hesh-sesh's.
"Yo man, did you pick up those TAPS up yet?"
"Yo man, I really do love Tight-Ass-Pants, they really flatter my legs and butt, brah. When is our hesh sesh?!"
by Zach/Lover June 23, 2006
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Tap (t-AH-p)- n. touching of two fingers// v. an imperial greeting or salutation, showing loyalty, respect, and mutual headiness amongst the closest of the elite.Also can be used as a substitute for generic words.

Nice new car, bro. Tap that. (touch the two index fingers diagonally at a 45 degree angle)

Hey man, you just caught a cuban rainbow tapper. Tap!!

by DomTap November 13, 2007
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1) Acronym meaning "True As Piss".

2) Something that is definitely true. A universal truth.
Person A: "Kayaking is so awesome."

Person B: "TAP!"
by Ben (originator) April 13, 2005
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1. (verb) Is a reference to the beer tap and refers to the act of intercourse without the extra baggage of a relationship. Someone taps a "piece of ass" for sex until they are all used up and/or dry. The tapper must then venture out and forage for another person to "tap". Thence whatever relationship the previous tap had with said tapper is null and void. The act of tapping hearkens back to a much simpler more animalistic time in our history when women were plentiful and had higher infant mortality rates.

The movie "Animal House" is said to have spawned this etymological phenomenon.
1. I dare say, I would amply enjoy tapping that ass given the appropriate opportunity.
by Prof. Sly January 27, 2010
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1, n. TAP, standing for Totally Acceptable Pussy or Totally Acceptable Penis, or someone who is not a hottie, but looks good enough to bang in a pinch.
2, adj. describing someone who is TAP by the previous definition.
1. "Was she hot?" "Nah, but she was TAP."
2. "There's a lot of TAP in this room."
by Lemon Drop Kid August 30, 2003
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