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Also known as the anal sex lady.

A leadership contender in one of Canada's major conservative provincial parties. Tanya Granic Allen identified anal sex as the evil that is distracting children from learning math. To prove her point, she, at a televised debate with other contenders, lavishly peppered her speech with lots of anal sex references and succeeded in distracting everyone.
Guy1: I don't get her; "anal sex" would barely be mentioned even in the new Sex Ed curriculum. At most, kids will hear it maybe once in a fraction of 1% of the school year.
Guy2: A fraction of 1%, 100%; you say toh-may-toe, Tanya Granic Allen says toh-mah-toe. She was too distracted by anal sex during math class to learn the difference.
by Anal Sex Math Geek March 10, 2018
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