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1. Acting in a way that 99 percent of society would deem deviant for your own personal entertainment at others expense.

2. Having sexual intercourse periodically through out the day at a pool party in a tanning bed

3. Random acts of vandalism

4. Doing Jim Morrison type activities for multiple days in a row

5. Getting away with the Wal-Mart five finger discount after introducing yourself to the greeter
Person 1: "So what kind of tannigan shenanigans did you pull this weekend?

Person 2: "I went to Ruby Tuesdays and told my waiter, "The name is Tannigan, Dr. Tannigan Shenanigans and I would love to lick your pury feet," while I sat and ate alone at a table for a party of 10 I told them was on the way"
by William Featherton III December 05, 2010
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