A youtuber who won creator of the year 2019 but she doesn't deserve it. It should have been mr beast

Someone who also tried to call out idubbbz for saying the dreaded N-word when she herself has said it.

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Person a: hey have you watched tana mongeau, she's the best! Did you know she won creator of the year

Person b: hey I do know that she won it and she also said she doesn't deserve it. And that's dang right.

Person a: she deserves it more than anyone else. Especially idubbbz he said the n-word

Person b: so did she

Person a: she thought it meant friend or homie. Idubbbz is old enough to know what it is

Person b: no one uses friend or homie like how she did. She said 'your a stupid n-word. Mr beast should've been creator of the year.

Person a: wEll Do YOU HavE AnY PrOOf ?!?.,,::;.?

Person b: watch idubbbz content cop video

Person c: subscribe to De memer and all the GOOD Channels

Person A: ummmm no

Person b and c: yes.

Person a: Ok

The end
by The stoopid people March 2, 2020
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A female YouTuber from Las Vegas, Nevada. She is mostly popular for her storytime and rant videos on her main channel. She also posts vlogs and hauls on her second channel. Her entire channel is based on being funny and real with her audience.
Tana Mongeau is my mom
by redmapleleaf July 1, 2016
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Tana Mongeau is a famous youtuber. She is famous for story times and collabs. She was recently trashed by an idiotic youtuber named idubbz. She was caught making racist comments and has now learned from her mistakes. She will be going on an amazing tour also. She has 2 million supportive subscribers.
Tana Mongeau is the best YouTuber alive.

Idubbz has no business roasting an amazing person like Tana Mongeau
by TanaMongoose August 1, 2017
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An AMAZING funny human being!

makes great content and super funny, isn’t afraid to get real! had a fair few scandals, but is still out here making memories!! she’s all round amazing!
she’s so pretty as well to have as a bonus to her 10/10 personality.
would love to ben her friend.
have you watched TANA MONGEAU ?

if you haven’t turn around walk out my door, fall in a puddle watch a couple videos then talk to me.
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Tana mongeau is a famous woman that has been successful on her career well over 2 million subscribers she has blown up she has been accused of being racist for saying the n word
Tana Mongeau is a very successful woman
by Danitan February 23, 2018
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A sexy and inspiring young lady who has a lot of self doubt when she should be proud of who she is.
Tana Mongeau,Elijah Daniel
by autumn16 April 12, 2018
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A bitch who likes lying and saying she got fucked with a toothbrush.
Hey do you know tana mongeau?

Oh that toothbrush hoe?
by The bitch206 June 30, 2018
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