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(scientic name: tiburon/boxeo) a rare species of half shark, half junky found in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico; Native to the Tampa Bay area, box sharks typically migrate in the summer to the sand bars of Treasure Island Beach, FL; Here, the box sharks spends the entire summer mating and following trails of drifting lettuce until a pod of baby hippos are located; Baby hippos make up approximately 99% of the box shark's diet, with 1% being sand dollars and starfish; throughout the year box sharks frequently ride the Florida Gulf Stream down and around peninsular Florida to prey on the marine life of South Beach and Biscayne Bay. For two and a half decades, the baby hippos of Central and South Florida have neared extinction because of the primitive Tampa Bay Box Shark.
Brent, where did that baby hippo you were feeding go? I don't know man, she went underwater to grab me a starfish... what do you think could have happened?! A Tampa Bay Box Shark is what happened, I'm sorry bro.
by Jungle Junky June 14, 2010
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