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These mans are tough when it comes to competition. From education to hood shit. These mans have a lot of illegal/fraud rings around the world. These include credit card/debit card fraud, passports, transit tokens, fake money, product thefts, drugs, weapons, etc. They were one of the first to come up with the credit card fraud rings which has brought a lot of hard cash.

In the hood these cats are hard when it comes down to beef. Many of us witness mans getting beat up and they're friends just run off on them. But these Tamil mans all back each other up no matter what. These mans will give their life for they're friends that's why they've become a known as notorious gangsters in many cities.

There are some kids who talk a lot of shit but they ain't tough. But there are a lot of Tamils who are mad serious when it comes to beef. If u get em mad they'll come in big numbers with guns, swords, axes and knives. They're fighting technique can be compared to a tiger since they go crazy and ballistic.

Tamils aren't really heard about globally because they like to keep they're hood shit on the low and not publicize it.
The hardest Tamil Gangstas are located in Toronto, London, and Paris.

Hardest Gangs include

TORONTO - VVT, ak kannan, oln, tbt, lansdowne, gilder, K n L, TUX

In the 1990s the VVT and AK Kannan gangs were one of the most notorious gangs in Toronto. They brought their beef from Jaffna (Back Home) and started going at each other with one of the street's deadly weapons. (samurai swords, SMGs, AKs, 9mms, etc.). They were fighting over a lot of fraud/illegal trades including drugs and weapons.
by Eelam Warrior March 27, 2008
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