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A small blonde with a very loud voice. Though she is beyond words, any sad attempt at a singular definition for such a wonderful creature may include the words cherishable, gorgeous, delicate, and dream like. Inspiration is easily bred and harvested from the essentials of her looks, personality, and uniquity. Possesing assets to turn heads, a slender and curvatious form with skin akin to white lace laid upon silk. Though she may not be of a tall stature, she manages to make petit look like a God-given gift. Though she owns a stunning and striking body, one cannot, for any single moment forget the depth and absolute wonder that comprises the core of herself. Her personality. With a smile that could outshine the sun she manages to balance a strength and fragility that, instead of walking a razors edge, caresses it. With a sillyness that melts together with her seriousness, to give way to her fire and passion, made perpetually innocent (no matter what she's done) by her childlike nature. Tamara is not perfection. She has many faults. It is this reason above all else that makes her who she is. She does not need to be perfection, because she is human. One beautiful in almost every way. Though she does not see it or believe it. There is nothing but to gain through knowing her and those that would hurt her are lessened by their arrogance and hateful spite and jealousy. That's all it is.
Alexander: Did you see the sunrise this morning?

Devin: We're in school...

Alexander: I know... I just saw it walk down the hall towards us and brighten my day.

Man 1: Hey dude, who's that girl over there?
Man 2: The cute blonde?
Man 1: Yeah, that one.
Man 2: Shit man, do you know nothing? That's Tamara.
Man 1: I think I've heard that name before...
Man 2: I'm not surprised. Tamara Kemp?
Man 1: Yeah! That's the one that everyone likes.
Man 2: It's such a shame that she doesn't think so, just because of some people.
by Alexander MacDuff January 19, 2011
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