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A learning facility of undereducated teachers and hillbilly students. Although it's located in the woods of Schukill County, many of its facilitators believe it is the prime location of crime which then results in rediculous rules and prison grade uniforms that all students have to abide by. Some of these rules include:
•Only clear plastic backpacks
•No hooded sweatshirts
•No white dress shoe flats
•All footwear may only be one solid color of brown, black, grey, or white. (Shoelaces have to match the dominant color of the shoe.)
•Only natural hair colors

One who attends Tamaqua High is very lucky if they come out sane. The student body mainly consists of emotionally damaged youth, strong racists, and children with little to no religious diversity. If you attend Tamaqua High or Tamaqua Middle School, be prepared to have your creativity and personality crushed by its societal standards.
Josh: "We are at a public reataurant. Why are all those correctional facility students here?"
Olivia: "They aren't from a correctional facility. They are honor students from the public Tamaqua High School on a reward lunch trip. They are just forced to wear those uniforms."
by RoxieJ February 02, 2015
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An institution of learning where members of today's whiny entitlement generation spend more time bitching about the dress code than learning skills that will help them later in life like spelling ridiculous correctly. If you're lucky enough to make it through and graduate in under six years, you can go to the local community college for free thanks to the administrators of the estate of some dead, rich guy.
I don't like the uniforms they make us wear at Tamaqua High School, so I's going to stay at home and be home skooled.
by weezer53 March 07, 2016
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