Ghetto tamale or ghetto tamales are one of the best comfort foods in a prison or a penitentiary. They are a mixture of crushed ramen noodles and crushed chips of any kind soaked in boiling water. It is what most like to eat alone in their cells hidden from their cellys after having an unpleasant jail meal or not enough food. If seen making it by other people around the tank or your celly they are bound to ask you for a piece.


-1 bag of top ramen plain, no seasoning needed.

-1 bag of chips of your choice offered in a commissary.
-Empty bag of chips or noodles
-Boiling water

Get the bagged ramen closed and start crushing the noodles till they are small crumbs or little pieces then open it. Take out the seasoning and save it since that is used to salt the tasteless food offered there, your celly will appreciate that. Get the bags of hips, open it and start crushing them till fine crumbs. Empty the bag of crushed ramen crumbs into the bag of crushed chips then mix it well. Add boiling to hot water, make sure you don’t fill it up with lots of water if not it won’t work just enough water to solidify the contents. Close the bag of chips rolling it into a bundle then roll it inside your blanket for best results. Let it sit there for 20-30 minutes, and enjoy.
Celly 1: Yo I’m about to make myself a ghetto tamale since the lunch food had so little food.

Celly 2: You make sure to save the seasoning because the green beans were so tasteless, and tomorrow they serving eggs so it goes good with the eggs.

Celly 3: Yo I’ll trade you a full roll of toilet paper for half of your tamale deal?

Celly 1: Fuck no homie get your own chips and ramen these aren’t cheap here you know.
by joshwua915 May 11, 2021
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A very addictive candy. The crack of candy.
I'm freaking out man, I did not have my hot tamales today.
by Just Born April 3, 2008
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Mariah Carey's new saying, which means something is hot!
by Hawk April 16, 2005
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(Noun). An apparatus of intercourse involving the breasts and the erect penis, while both the breasts and the penis are wrapped in a warm moist towelette.

Just like a real tamale, hot sauce is optional yet it does bring out the flavor. However, your local male prostitute will probably add an extra $1.50 for hot sauce.
1) Dude, can I borrow a few moist towelettes and bottles of salsa, it's going to be a long night at work and I can guarantee most of my clients will want titty tamales

2) Dude, Candi gave me titty tamale last night; ONLY TREE-FITTY!!

3) Broham, somone gave me a titty tamale last night...I'm not sure how I feel about it...

by Titty Tamale 69 February 9, 2008
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"She finished putting tiger balm on my sore back, then gave me a hot tamale"
by Kirob October 20, 2013
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Using the armpit as means for fornication.
Man, that vagina was so loose, we had to do the Porterville Tamale.
by tamale expert May 15, 2011
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