Although tamal may refer to the food, in southern mexican slang it can also refer to pussy.
E wey, apoco si te enseño el tamal wey?
by Flyindan January 17, 2021
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When a person defecates in the toilet and wipes, but does not flush, therefore leaving what resembles a tamale, a traditional Latin American dish made of masa (a starchy dough, usually corn-based), which is steamed or boiled in a leaf wrapper.
Dave! You left a tamale in the toilet! Que es esta mierda!!!
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To lift the skirt of an unattractive female with a very nice body above her head and tie into a knot.
That girl in the skirt is a butter face, better give her a tamale.
by tkdtrev September 1, 2010
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a slang term often used by the African-American community in the suburban Atlanta area for Cocaine. Typically - used in door-2-door sales opportunities.
"hey man - I got the tamale, you want to sell it up on Bankhead"
by worked April 19, 2014
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(Tamal) or known as Tamale is when a small cute animal is wearing a blanket or something to cover them up.
My dog looks like a Tamale wrapped in that blanket.”
by NessKlopz June 26, 2018
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The spicy and delicious dong of a sexican.
Ricardo, I'm gonna pour some hot sauce all over that tasty tamale!
by DipTester May 4, 2007
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