Most beautiful woman that loves to be called mom and has a great ass.
Hi Tallis ur beautiful and ur a great mom.
by The Realiesr MVP November 17, 2016
A very athletic butthead. Who is funny and beautiful. She is usually the tall one of the group and makes good descions.
by lol im a boss July 1, 2015
A person who is tall, often taller than you. Many times, tallie is used as a rebuttal to being called "shorty" or "shortie."
Shorty: "Hey tallie! How's it going?"

Tallie: "Oh it's goin' alright. Man.. the weather sure is nice up here!"
by Lalalady90 March 9, 2011
Everybody's favourite hot sister. Loves having fun and has a great body which causes even the toughest men to gasp in awe. Intelligent, and caring, she loves putting her mouth to good use.
Hey Grant, your daughter is a real looker, is her name by any chance Tally?
Wow Andy, Tally's offering tutoring for maths, how about we book her for tonight?
by qualified english professor August 23, 2016
Synonym of tall.
used when your short friends try to justify being short.
“I’m not short, you’re just a tallie!”
by Aria.loser June 20, 2021
Tallis is a good friend actually a great friend but if your on his other side hes not so nice and can get angry easily... hes also very good looking and dreamy i promise if you ever find a tallis you are part of the luckiest people in the whole entire world.
Girl: all i can think about is tallis
Other girl: damn stop day dreaming and get some work done!
by Rainbows for lifee June 7, 2020
A person who assists one in the act of defecation in a hotel room or other public facility. It is usually found in high class European facilities and hotels. Reserved for the eldery/physically disabled. It is the origin for the English word: toilet.
And do the rooms, sorry, one more question for them, do the rooms have a tallis? T-A-L-L-I-S, see these places actually have a person called a Tallis.
by Uexdrukl March 6, 2011