a band who created their own genre of music, despite their label of emo. The painfully origional lyrics, and catchy guitar riffs make them hard not to love. Adams vocals rip through you like a crying orphan. They have an amazing stage presence and give all their energy into their shows.
taking back sunday is love.
Taking back sunday - your own disaster... "hey lush.. have fun.. its the weekend"
by bldstndgrafiti February 26, 2006
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1. The BEST band in existence, whose song titles in no way pertain to their respective lyrics.

2. The band that contains hotsex, Adam Lazzara.

3. A band that expresses all emotions, from love, sadness, hate, and any type of drunken-state.
1.I want Adam Lazzara to have my babies.

2. Taking Back Sunday = Hotsex

Lyrics: "I got the mic, and you got the moshpit" (Timberwolves at New Jersey)

"Cant you, can't you feel it, rolling off your lips, tensing up your shoulders, come on, say it is..." (Bonus Mosh Pt. II)
by <3pixi May 30, 2005
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Taking Back Sunday is a very good band. They're not emo, punk, blahblahblah or a rip off of any other type of music. You all just let it get to your heads.
by erika love. June 26, 2006
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The best band ever, havent taken their cd out of my player for weeks. Filled with raw, unfiltered tear stained diary compassion.

And for gods sake, you guys (that slag tbs off) are complete pricks, you could never like any sort of emo and obviously don't have any emotions, cos that's what tbs are like; you can relate to them and people get by knowing that there's someone out there that knows what they're going through. Get over the fact that we aren't all "punk" like you and go fuck yourselves if you haven't already.
And with my one last gasping breath I'd apologise, for bleeding on your shirt.
by bridgeburner February 06, 2005
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the most FUCKING AWESOME emo band in the world... best lyrics... best sound!!! hott lead singer with the best voice ever!!!!
"taking back sunday kicks ass!!"
by cute without the E February 19, 2005
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