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When a otherwise perfectly good piece of Strawberry shortcake gets ruined by a dirty motherfucker. Idealy the dirtiest asshole you know.

Also can refer to Any assortment of STD's gained by a filthy partner in a situation where a moment of weakness took the forefront of the girl. Mental lapse, Ignorance, Menopause, blatant stupidly, period, Desperate, Bipolar, pathological Etc..

Does not necessarily refer to STD's directly but can correlate.

As you see your poon just got contaminated
Skyyjohn: I knew a fine girl and I really liked this girl good fine looking babe but, she fucked this dirty guy this real dirty guy; now what am I supposed to do I aint hitting that now it's ruined what do you call that?

"They should really make a name for that"

Ex1.0:I just heard that fine girl in class had sex with a fucking Hobo when she got wasted and lost in the streets. "What the fuck am I supposed to do now I was all over that!..." "SHIT!!

Ex1.2:When you meet a beautiful Good girl and you narrowly miss her and she ends up having sex with the dirty motherfucker that you hate The relationship goes nowhere and you can finally get on that but, now...would you?

You really wanted that....
by VEHEMENTBLACK October 13, 2011
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