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An online site where anyone can register for free and get on one of the four servers (however, one, "Revelation" is reserved for paying, or "Gold" members only) and play a strange-yet-addictive strategy game that is sort of like a live-action version of chess. You control several different "creatures" (for lack of a better word) that each have a certain range of movement and attack on the playing field (which vaguely resembles a chess board). Some attack physically, with swords or knives, and some have spell-casting ablilities. All have specific attack strength, a blocking percentage, and a certain amount of hit points. You have a rating, which is affected each time you win or lose. You start out with a rating of 720. You can also be invited to join a "clan" or group of players who can communicate via a private clan chat. The site features a lobby where you can look for other people to battle, and which contains what is basically a chat room.

This site is largely dominanted by n00bs who are trying to figure out how to play, a cadre of Gold members who appear to be constantly looking for other Golds to battle, desperate people looking for cybersex (sample line: "Any hot girls wanna cyber press 333"), spammers and creepers who don't have anything of much importance to say, people desperately seeking to join clans, and average people who just are looking for a good battle.
"I was bored, so I went to Tactics Arena last night and battled some people."

"I was addicted to Tactics Arena Online for like, oh, two days."
by killerfiller March 11, 2006
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