A back-stabbing, bipolar person who tends to be a dick and tries to ruin everything for his close friend(s).
OMG guys! He pulled a Tj on her and ruined her love life!
by drewryking December 23, 2010
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Turkey Jizz, comes from the movie "Deuce Bigelow: Male Gigolo"
Hey man, you got a little TJ on your lip.
by EnglishMaster June 07, 2004
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stands for thumb job. drunk girls jackin off your thumb thinkin its a penis.
put your right thumb in the air. TJ's all around!
by ktparsnips May 29, 2010
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Abbreviation of Totally Jerkable. TJ! basically means that you would totally jerk off to a hottie you just saw.

Usually TJ! is said in public so the girl your talking about doesn't understand.

As you say TJ!, you must make a hand gesture of jerking off to imply that this chick is indeed Totally Jerkable.
Pervert 1: "hey, did you see that hottie with the tits?, holy shit, makes me wanna comjizzle in my pizzle pazzle"

Pervert 2: "TJ!" *hand motion*

by Tyler Ardizzle April 05, 2007
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Slang for Tijuna, a Border town in Mexico that borders San Diego, California.
18 Year Old Kid: "Hey, let's go to TJ tonight and get wasted."
by KBach February 07, 2008
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