A man of value. One who loves graciously and respects with all his heart.
If you've got a TJ in your life, don't let him go.
by Averageguy11 March 04, 2012
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I'm goin' to TJ so we Mexican gangsters can pump up the bass on our shitty cadillacs.
by DasHeaven July 19, 2003
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A egotisctical bastard who thinks of nothing but getting some action, having a girlfriend at all times, and getting laid. Unaware of his idiocracy he will do ANYTHING to get into your mind, your heart, and your pants. Thinking he has uber stealth skills, he attempts to date and ask out several girls (whom are friends) at a time, unaware that these girls often talk to each other, leaving out no details of his corny-horny texts and love rants. Having all of this happen in the span of one week, he becomes hated rapidly, and talked about behind his back.
Still unaware of the anger projected towards him he continues his foolish plot. Fortunately, he, as will probably happen the rest of his life, will not succeed.

total loser
that guy is such a T.J. wtf?
by shit? April 23, 2009
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To Steal, To Take (especially from one's dorm room)
WTF, who TJed my wallet?

Boy A: Yo, I left my door open for five minutes and my money was TJed.
Boy B: Well... If you had a hundred bucks on your desk, I would TJ it too.
by Clintion Knight April 08, 2008
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Owner & admin of thebotnet.com, probably one of the coolest guys you'll ever meet.
Random 1: Yo, have you met TJ yet, he's fking awesome.
Random 2: Nah man, I just registered today!
by thebotnet.com October 10, 2010
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