Terrell, Texas. A smal town with a mental hospital. The city is real ghetto, has a high STD rate, high drug rate, and is still semi-segregated.
If you wanna live in the ghetto. move to T-Town, aka Terrell, Texas.
by T-Town April 09, 2003
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An abbreviation of the city of Torrington, Connecticut. Other abbrieviations include Borrington or Whorington. Either of those abbrieviations will give you exactly what you need to know about Torrington.
I truly loathe T Town.
by Sstteepphhiieee January 14, 2008
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Anotha way of saying Tulare, CA (Tha 559) Where All Tha Gangstas Stay
"Waddup I Be Holdin' It Down For T-Town!!"
by SweetMaMaLovin July 06, 2006
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the sketchiest place in pictou county , and they are all gross there .
1:wanna go to t-town ?
2:nah , its a sketchfest .
by alfred seranity April 01, 2009
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Teen Town is long for T-Town started in the 50's on Toledo Ohio till present.
When is ht e dance at T-Town (Teen Town)
by David Coller Toledo Ohio August 12, 2003
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An abbriviation for the impossibly hard to spell town to spell and say in Illinois. Teutopolis.
Person 1: Hey who we playin' tonight?
Person 2: T-Town
Person 1: The Wooden Shoes?
by Nichole S September 19, 2006
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