A term used for people that claim to have a "clothing line" but only sell T-shirts.
Guy 1: "Hey man did you know I have my own clothing line?

Guy 2: "Really? Can I see?"

Guy 1: *shows T-shirts*

Guy 2: "Oh.... Another shitty T-shirt Company."
by Itsfren.ch December 22, 2016
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A top quality Canadian designer brand. It's rumored they produce only 50 t-shirts a day which would explain the well-rounded price of them. One shirt can go for hundreds of dollars online.
I just copped a new Casey and Eth's t-shirt from Casey and Eth's T-Shirt Company.
by LizardLosier November 16, 2017
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a fine locally owned business in Canada with A1 quality t shirts and goods.
wow I love brody and nics t shirt company
by uytoijgdgf June 20, 2017
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