A physical condition most commonly affecting females of short stature and large bust size. The combination of short arms and enormous breasts leads to the woman's inability to pick up objects without knocking them over with her breasts. So named for similarity to a T rex's inability to beat itself off due to short arms. Condition is exacerbated through alcohol consumption and is most noticeable when beer bottles are knocked over.
Did you see that bizzle at the bar last night spilling everything, she had T rex tits and kept falling over!
by Pinkel October 10, 2005
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A woman whose breast have grown(or created) so large she is unable to use her arms well
"She's got some T-rex tits on her!"

Jennies T-Rex Tits prevented her from grabbing the glass of orange juice.
by CLBwashere June 18, 2006
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The action requested from a woman whom enjoys a bit of pain from her lover in and around the nipple area
Sara grabbed the head of the stranger she had picked up at dollar pitcher night, and said, “dude don’t be so gentle, you need to get all up and t-rex tits these big ole nipples of mine.”
by reginaandray February 12, 2007
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When a lady's baps are surprisingly small and flappy (like T Rex arms) in comparison with the rest of her body shape. shortened version of tyrannosaurus tits
Chris: "have you seen that bird Phil is shagging?"
Dan: "yes, she must be twenty stone easy"
Chris : "yeah, but she has t-rex tits"
Dan: "fat with no tits? why is he with her ?"
by DazCaz2 March 13, 2015
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