The Fuck!? (exclamation, short form of what the fuck).
You want us to chip in for petrol? T F ?!?!
by MattWillTom June 28, 2006
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Means 'Together Forever,' when you know you've found the best guy/girl in the world! ily babe xo
Steph- I love you so much, T-F

Pierce- I love you more baby girl, T-F, F&A

Steph- naww, ily babe. Thnx for everything, your my world <3 xxxx
by Cutie96xx May 20, 2010
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T F stands for "Totally Fucked" -- Pre 1970's expression that is abbreviation for a slang that could not be uttered, due to social restrictions of the time. Fuck and all its conjugations were not the common slang of pre 1970's American campuses. The word Fuck was still taboo, until later in US history, after celebrities and politicians began saying it in public.
The significance is that to say the expression TF as "Totally Fucked" was a final epithet for the situation that warranted the oath. There was at the time no lower epithet to describe your sisters' promiscuity, or the arrest record of your best friend who is now in a coma from OD of LSD.
It is similar to older yeoman remarks like: SNAFU- "systems normal all fucked up"; SOA- "Standard Operating Procedure"... and the like.
Some significance to the importance of the loss of this expression is in the written record back in the 70's of the Nixon Tapes from his Watergate SNAFU... when "expletive deleted" was bleeped out, and bracketed in the periodicals. Most readers filled in the blanks with a T F or equivalent.
Then of course Geo Carlin rambled into history as he spoke of the words one cannot utter on TV, or was that Lenny Bruce?
After we began laughing at comedians and politicians for making fuck and all its forms expletives, T F lost its valuable place depicting the lowest of conditions. >>pd
"That's T F," said LBJ to RFK right after JFK was shot dead.
by MooPig August 30, 2007
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A short version of Track and Field. Often used when referring to the Olympic Track and Field events.
The start of the Olympic T&F events are today.
by teamtactxicxs3 August 3, 2012
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1. Acronym for whatever you want it to mean...most commonly used is for What the Fuck?
1. But I thought the french fries were supposed to be crunchy and salty at McDonald's...WTF?
2. WTF is sally doing with that dog?
3. What The Freak (polite form)
4. Waste Treatment Facility
5. Water Task Force
6. Way To Fail
7. Way to Fly
8. Weapons Tactics Force (gaming)
9. What If
10. What's This For?
11. When The Freak (polite form)
12. Where the Freak (polite form)
13. Where's the Fire?
14. Where's the Food?
15. Where's the Fridge?
16. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
17. Who the Freak? (polite form)
18. Why the Failure
19. Why The Freak (polite form)
20. Williamstown Theatre Festival
21. Wisconsin Test Facility
22. World Taekwon Do Federation
23. World Tennis Federation
24. World Trade Federation
25. Waiting Til Friday
26. Working Til Friday
27. Wild Turkey Friday
28. Whale turds floating
29. Wandering the Farm
30. Where's the food?
31. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
32. Wombat Training Facility
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Wat The Fuck

used in instant messaging when somthing is random also c LMAFO
<person 1> W T F is he on
<person 2> Ur Mum
by chris boof November 6, 2006
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The same meaning as "What the fuck," just saying the letters out. Mostly Australians use it, but it sounds funny as hell.
Bob: Hey man, did you see that girl last night?

Sticky: W-T-F man, you went to the club without me?
by Ukyo Hikuraga. March 16, 2005
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