A woman who is mean and cruel but has underlying moments of kindness here and there. Sweet bitches are usually Croatian. They love to insult the people they are closest to passive aggressively. A lot of times a sweet bitch will name call and insult people, followed by a moment of sweetness or affection. Sweet bitches are known to have wild tempers and do/say irrational things when they are aggitated, but soon enough they will be cute and nice again. Watch out for sweet bitches, they will drive you crazy, but you will always have a soft spot for them.
"Slavika is such a sweet bitch. She just gave me twenty dollars, right after she called me ugly."
by jojo_mojo March 9, 2017
A phrase used to express amazement, excitement, or surprise.
Dan: Dude, I just won fifty bucks.
Matthew: Sweet Bitch!
by xpahk July 17, 2009
A man without any pride. A man without balls.
A sellout.
A cellmate.
A pussy whipped man.
Joe " Yo Jorges girl won't let him hang out tonight."
Patrick "Damn Jorge is a sweet bitch"
by frogbones August 11, 2005
When you get your mate’s beers all night and pour a shot of vodka into each without telling them. They’ll get twice as hammered but you bought them free shots. Hence.. the sweet bitch.
by Onlytaints September 13, 2021