A word founded in Pennsylvania. The art of having one menstruate on your face during intercourse.
Chelsey was drunk last night, when I suggested dessert she gave me a sweet treat, now my shirt needs bleach.
by Creamy white center April 19, 2018
A phrase that means to suck a mans cock like a lollipop.
I’m gonna give you a sweet treat;)
by Stargazer333 August 9, 2021
Sweet treat is when a guy fucks you vaginally with a dildo or vibrator while licking your clit.
That guy came over last night and gave me a sweet treat. It was so good that I literally almost died.
by yo_dat_d April 9, 2014
Sweet Treat is putting honey in your mouth and dissolving it with hot tea before giving a guy a blowjob.
I lost my erection when she stopped to brew a cup of tea to give me a Brazilian Sweet Treat...and the honey got all over the sheets.
by CoxmoCreamer September 3, 2013
an expression used to describe something you want
'Can I have a "quick sweet treat" bite of your fries, Andrea?', or, 'I'll just have a "quick sweet treat" nap'
by Kate & Andrea October 20, 2006