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Motion picture released on video in the early 1980s featuring actresses sporting superior posteriors who were partial to penetration per the poop-chute. Historically, "Sweet Ass: The Motion Picture" is the flick that started the anal sex video craze.
"'Hubert, go online and get me a copy of SWEET ASS: THE MOTION PICTURE, will ya baby?'

"'Yes, dear.'

"He might be pussy-whipped," Tess told the salesman, "but he BELONGS to me!" She hiked up her skirt and farted without shame, just like that. Cubby was appalled but knew he was closing in on the kill."

-- Henry Chinaski, "I Saw Mommy Fucking Santa Claus" (Black Sparrow Press, 1976)
by Chance Wayne April 18, 2006
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