as in shady ass mo fo usually referring to the male species at bars
jen: is jermaine creepin on me?
ny: nah- if he was, that would be way swayze

nat: he's swayze
jen: why?
nat: cuz he's lame.com.org.edu
by snats September 10, 2004
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To be inefficient at various activities to the point whence surrounding crowds would rather watch Dirty Dancing than associate with said event.
Dude, this curling match is totally Swayze.
by Ford Adams August 24, 2004
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homoerotic; pertaining to men who like to dress in spandex and dance. homosexual, gay; designated to take "gay" as a reference out of the language as meaning "stupid".
"I think John Travolta might be Swayze"; "The Notebook might be the Swayziest movie ever". "I'm not Swayze, not that there's anything wrong with that".
by The Allstar October 31, 2007
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A sudden uncomfortable feeling in the stomach and testicles thats often caused by unreasonably tight leather trousers.
Sam suddenly had a mild case of the swayze's. It was probably the pants
by JusMeUk November 29, 2014
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Verb. It means to strike someone on the upper body with a pool cue, which typically results in snapping the cue. This a common tactic in seedy bar fights.
All Jon said was that he had pretty eyes and the guy flipped out and swayze'd him.
by c falko May 19, 2007
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