Swagged-out, wild, and crazy
That dude has so much swayze

That car is swayzie
by dibrikisha November 21, 2010
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An especially wrinkled and gaunt looking scrotum and its contents, often seen poking out when old men decide to go "commando" in shorts.
Paul: that's the last time I ever use the change room at the gym with an old man around.

Tim: why's that?

Paul: He bent over to dry his feet and I got a square look at the mankiest set of swayzes ever.
by grouchojust April 04, 2009
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see you later......
peace I'm out....
catch you on the flipside....
(sometimes used with the 2 finger-middle and pointer- peace gesture)
John- Later dude
Mike- Swayze bro
by Brendan December 09, 2003
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usually good guys. and most of them have dogs, a brother and sister, and two parents. the average guy, with a clean haircut and a desire for secrecy.
i wish i was a swayze they r so kewl
by mark pivinski August 10, 2008
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Swayze -

The official, new term that will spread like wildfire in 2010. To be 'swayze' means to be cool/chill as fuck, and in other words.. Swayze.

It's not just a word, it's a lifestyle.
- You hit up that kegger last night? shit was soo Swayze.

- Shit's so Swayze... you don't even know.

- Sup brah? Those new threads are so Swayze.
by Pawow January 16, 2010
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Sw.ay.ze (adj) and or (Vrb) - to kick ass, get the girl, business in the front party in the back! Dirty Dance but also be sensitive and respected. 80's cool!!!

Def, Dumb, Dope, Fresh, Stupid, Retarded, Gangsta, Crunk, Hyphy, Totally Awesome, The Joint, Radical, Killer, Kickin', Gnarly, Excellent, The Shit, ect... To be cooler then cool; ie ICE COLD!
by Gigantez August 18, 2010
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somone or something that is smooth or cool
i.e. "Damn did you see that dance move that shit was swayze"

i.e. "Damn did you hear Marques talking to that girl?, that foo is swayze."
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