awesome, sick, ill, cool, amazing, fly, swag, boss
yo check out my new shirt, it's so swayze
by zeetmon April 14, 2011
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It represents the purest and holiest form of cool ever imaginable. Something that is swayze is like sitting on a cloud getting a full body massage from some angels. To be swayze is to be on parallel with rapture.
Having your earlobe licked by a tiny kitten while Sigur Ros plays in the background softly at first and then gradually louder and the smell of thick french toast with extra syrup wafts into your nostrils as it is served to you in bed would be a totally swayze way to start the day.


"Did you see that dude's pimp white loafers?"
"Yeah, those were swayze!"
by Happy Birthday Bif November 02, 2006
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An alcoholic beverage made with vodka, soda water, and a gentle splash of cranberry. It looks gay, but it will fuck you up!
Bartender: "What are you drinking?"

Bryce: "Wendy, get me a Swayze please!"
by Finalform October 21, 2009
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The act of dissapearing from a scheduled apperance or breaking a commitment for being somewhere. A term also used when the person it is referring to has been missing for a long period of time and intentionally avoids contact with others. The Word swayze refers to Patrick Swayze's movie Ghost and in turn swayze refers to "ghost" like presence.
Man Feta, and Dino have been swayze lately!
Ever since George has been with his new girl he has been Swayze!
As soon as Dino met Ricky at the party they were swayze!
by Thano March 06, 2008
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Having a way with women -knowing how to sway them (like Patrick Swayze -dirty dancing)
Look at swayze over there with all them females

Little homie work'n it
by Snayk32 February 02, 2019
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Synonym for Smooth.

The state of extreme Swayzeness. Swazy behavior in an individual is usually demonstrated by:

- fluidic movements that may lead you to believe this person has no bones or nervous system

- the complete lack of bodily hair that allows them to avoid wind resistance and retain their cool

- the strict avoidance of any sudden outburst in emotion or reaction to situations that would normally elicit unswayze/ unsmooth behavior

- a self-acknowledgement that they are Swayzier/smoother than every one around them
Note: achieving such a level of smoothness/Swayzyness is normally obtained through a process called “smoothing up” or "Swayzing up".
1) "Hey man, you see that Ray Allen jumpshot?

"Yeah, that was swayze"

2) "Dude, where is Ray Allen, he's been on the bench for like fifteen minutes!"

"Don't worry.. he's just swayzing up."

3) Police Officer: "Sorry Mr Allen, I'm going to have to give you a ticket, you were speeding"

Ray Allen: "That's cool"

Police Officer: "Man you're swayze"
by The Digital Breed August 22, 2013
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