swangin cunts is a phrase used when describing how dupesly rad people are, and how much you love them, this is the highest form of praise in the entire universe.
"tom and sam are the most swangin cunts around!!"
by OG sam! April 25, 2007
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a kind of hardcore dancing. "bangin" is like bangin your head and "swangin" is like movin your body to the beat.
I go to the club all bangin and swangin 'cuz the music is just THAT good.
by edikachef&t-dogg June 17, 2007
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When the pengalum of a grandfather clock is replaced with a large cock. Most often owned by old white dudes or really big sluts. Can also be found in Bill Cosbys basement next to his glass case of roofie.
"Is that a Big Dack Swangin grandpa?"
"Why yes it is little jimmy, wanna try it?"
by Fat Cocks February 11, 2017
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Whenever a female is hella sprung off your ass and constantly won't get off your nuts. She needs your attention and won't stop texting, messaging, or calling you.
"Man, I've only been seeing this bitch for a few days and I got her swangin' from my ballsack already!"
by indaairtonight July 26, 2008
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