The plural for sussy chungus. Used to describe multiple sus overweight individuals
They’re all sussy chungi! Just look at them!
by Sussy chungus May 19, 2021
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Related to the among us game, word you should call all your closest friends
I’m just a sussy Baka 😄❣️“
by Ur bby Baka🥺 April 28, 2021
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The word that kids in my class won’t shut the fuck up about
Kid 1: I got subway today
Kid:2 that’s sussy Baka

Kid 1: . . .
Kid 3: yea that’s sussy Baka
by Callsign Roach May 31, 2021
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mega sussy imposter omg wtf wtf !!!!
amongus imposter- I jusr farded!!!! lol XD!

red- That was so SUSSY IMPOSTER!!! OMG!!!!
by SUSSY AMOGNSUS April 26, 2021
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When someone's got a little crush and they actin a little strange 😏😏
Ugh Marie made you such a sussy baka Tyler 😩😩
by caillouswife June 05, 2021
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