A spanish word meaning "Southener" it is often used to descreibe so. cal. gangs like MS,Latin Kings, etc etc
Norteca:Que pasa, pinche?
Sureno: Ill kut you in 13 pieces,main
by Steve B. March 08, 2005
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the freakin shit a mexican/latino gang made in southeren cali bt has spread along the us associated with the mexican mafia they top dogs and have made enemies wit nurtenos/nurputos cripz and bloodz cripz are just wannabe surenos and suck azz that rite i love surenos surena for life bitches dnt hate
esa wat u claim?
u kno blue for realz
thats wats up surena fo' lyf
that rite surenos are tha shit
by lafresa01 March 06, 2009
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Sureño means Southern in English. It is also a gang that involves Mexican-American gangsters that have bald heads and originated in Los Angeles,CA. They wear jerseys that have 13 on it and do not play around. Watch out.
Random Man: Oh shit it's a Sureño!
via giphy
by Dragonverde August 13, 2018
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southsiders claiming socal full of a bunch of pussies and faggot wannabes biggest pussy gang ever nortenos are better in every way and they know its true
Sureños SUR 13 = scared wannabes

norte runs the scene
by SCRAPKILLER14 October 04, 2011
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