any down ass vato representing that true blue colors Surside 3CE and making them lame busters bow down to the 3CE or put 1 to the chest and 3 to the motherfucking head
if your a buster and you dare to walk out in a sureno barrio let it e known your ass aint gettin out of there alive.
by southsiders delight March 10, 2005
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Sureno or Surena is a member of any Southern California Latin gang that has proven him or herself to the "big homie" in State or Federal Prison by the means of slicing, stabbing, choking, beating, smashing, etc etc one of the listed: no good piece of shit, snitch, rapist, child molester, buster, tinto (blacks), etc etc. It is a great honor to be considered a Sureno/Surena for a Latin gang member and they'll often have it tattooed once he or she get's back to GP yard or somewhere they have access to a tattoo machine.
"Ay, that homie Volture is a down ass Sureno... did you see him slicing that buster's neck right below the tower???"
by RBixby April 21, 2006
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southerner (spanish)
come on carnales quit talking bad to eachother, all this sureno/norteno shit is making me sick. quit killing off la raza guey.
south/north bullshit. its all califas what does it matter which side your from?
by lil rob May 26, 2005
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Surenos are the downest mexicans down for their shit. Only true mexicans are surenos, Norcacas are the mexican'ts, bitch. Puro Sur 13
Sureno: What's up, ese, watchu claim?
Norcaca:watchu mean homie I'm cool i dont bang shit.
Sureno: Thats right bitch, you can't say what you truely are until ur homeboyz are here. Now move out of my way before i blow your buster-looking face off.
Norcaca: Sure, homes, whatever you say.
by Maritza a.k.a. Crazy one May 31, 2005
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a sureno is any mexican gang member in the southern california area. the sureno color is blue and their number is 13 which denotes the thirteenth letter in the alphabet which is m, standing for marijuana or mexican mafia. there are surenos located through out the states but mainly in so. cal
sur13,southsider,s13,blue rag, surenos trece
by tony d fresh September 02, 2007
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sureno/surena are soliders for the big bad mexican mafia you don't have to be mexican to be a sureno/surena you could be indian,black,asian or even white anything as long as you have luv for surenos/surenas.there rival gang is the nortenos or as i like to call them norputos. surenos/surenas bang blue ,norputos bang red,surenos/surenas are bangin,norputos are not. "sur side,califorina,fuck busters!!!"
two surenos talking
1.what you bang esa?
2.blue homegurl you know wass up
by .KRAZIE:. December 14, 2006
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A sureno in northern cali is fukin` stupid n confused. He dosen`t understand that he is sayin` "fuck norte!" but at the same time sayin` "it`s al bout dat essj" now were is essj? in the NORTE! surenos in southern cali are also stupid because they say sur stants for southern united raza, but they kill other surenos more than they do nortenos, their rival gang! In Norte califaz they rarely EVER where blue ENEmore, for 2 reasons: 1. they are to scared that a Norteno will blast on thier ass 2. or they are ashamed to be called a sureno!
Norteno: aye homie wut ya`ll bangin`!
sureno 1: oh no we dont bang homes!!
sureno 2: yeah homes we no bang!
Norteno: fuk yall bitch ass skrapz! izz puro NORTE!(Norteno beats the shit outa both surrataz)
by x4LOKiT4x4 June 12, 2007
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