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Personality or character trait, implying one or both of the following:

A) the workaholick: the person tries to be a perfectionist or one-man-army, accomplishing as much as possible him/herself;

B) the saviour: the person constantly feels the urge to try and help or "save" others, comforting them in times of distress whenever possible.
1: uh, the photocopier just broke down.
2: cool, i'm on it.
1: and the sales meeting is about to fall apart.
2: let me talk to the client.
1: AND your secretary is about to go into labour!
2: great, just send in the client while i deliver her baby.
1: dude, who do you think you are, Superman!?

1: hey, that girl's really screwed up. i wonder if i could help her change..that'd be really hot.
2: da hell? you tryin' to save her? what, you have Superman syndrome or something?
by Superman Syndrome April 23, 2009
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A term used to describe a person who looks completely unrecognizable when they take off or put on glasses.
Dude 1: *waves to a guy in the hall
Dude 2: Hey who's that?
Dude 1: Oh, that's George.
Dude 2: Really? I couldn't recognize him without his glasses.
Dude 1: Yeah, he's got superman syndrome
by ksdedoof December 07, 2013
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When someone is so good at leaving with no one noticing, you start to think they are actually superman.
What happened to Jason? He always does this, there must be an earthquake in China or something. That kid's got superman syndrome.
by rupe February 22, 2008
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When you verbally/ mentally say: " I can do what he/ she can do."
You see someone jumps a motorcycle, its your 3rd time riding ( 3rd times the charm ) and you think: " I can do that. " and attempt it. Usually something goes wrong, thus the Superman Syndrome.
by sniggering2stroke May 11, 2014
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In airsoft, the superman syndrome means that a player does not admit hits and continues playing. This is usually paired with "rambo"-meaning that a player does not cooperate with other members of the team and goes off by himself, just like Rambo. This Superman-Rambo combo is probably the most annoying kind of player you can encounter on the field. They are hated by all and get kicked out of the game pretty quickly.
1: WTF?! I shot him at least 10 times and he just doesnt want to admit it!
2: Guess he has the superman syndrome.
by Scavenger4763 February 14, 2012
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1. Recklessness due to belief that nothing bad will happen to you. After all, you're special. Unique. Untouchable. Most commonly found in 16-21 year old males.

2. Same effect as 1, but for a different cause- being so sad that you lose your fear of bad things happening to you. Most commonly found in people with depression.
James: Did you hear about Kyle's motorcycle accident? He wasn't even wearing a helmet.
Rudy: Looks like superman syndrome finally caught up with him.

Mom: Our daughter doesn't know how to take care of herself- she keeps doing really stupid things.
Dad: She's been so sad lately- maybe it's her version of superman syndrome and she's given up.
by rainy day March 02, 2014
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1: having the qualities of a fukboi akin to that of the ultimate bitch made fukboi named kal el (or however you spell his gay ass cunt filled name)

2: being of the state of mind in which one believes superman is god; and not actually the little fuck boi cunt whore fag that he is and therefore rides his dick in anyway, shape, or form. Therefore feeling the need to discredit real HEROS just because there favorite character is a fucking sheep fukboi who is the definition of basic.

why is does smith have a cock with THE supercunt symbol on it in his mouth?
Its cause he has superman syndrome
by Yeet555 August 01, 2015
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