A great game. Long lifespan and aswsome gameplay with charcters from throughout Nintendo's history.
"Let's play Halo!"
"No. Halo is crap and its multiplyaer is unblanced and boring. Let's play a game we can all enjoy and continue playing for years."
"How about Smash Bros"
"Good choice. Prepare to get onwed bitch."
by omg lol June 27, 2004
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A kick ass game on Gamecube! And it's one of the best!
Kid 1: Let's play SSBM
Kid 2: Sure. Which character you wanna pick?
by ChoujinkiMetalder March 09, 2005
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A Game featuring all of Nintendos Major mascots; Mario, Samus, Link, Kirby. And some not so well known charecters; The Ice Climbers, Marth & Roy, Ness. Theres about 25 charecters and I think 50 levels. You can just pick up the controller and go to town on your enemys even if youve never played before. This is my favorite game of all time along with the harvest moon series.
I was playing SSB and Kirby just came out of nowhere and sucked me. After taking some of my genetics Yoshi started giving me a tounge lashing. It reminded me of waffles
by Trippy_the_round February 02, 2005
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The most competitive fighting game ever. No, fuck that, the most competitive FIGHTING ever.
Super Smash Bros. Melee is so...did you SEE THAT?! He just neutral air down throw waveshine down tilt back air neutral air up throw up aired KILLED that bitch! Wow!
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by ArkhamOfficial September 11, 2016
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