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Super lots soo-PER LOooOts
1. The best way to stress a large quantity.
2. Used to emphasize a strong feeling.
3. The most bad-ass adjective ever created that everyone should use super lots.
1. I hope it doesn't snow super lots before I get my boots.
2. I miss you super lots.
by White Kristmas December 02, 2008
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Superlots (Sooper-Lots)

1. It's a lot. Usually a super amount of "a lot", actually.

2. The amount one might love his/her significant other

3. Usually the last thing you hear before you hang up the phone.
JT: Love you babe
ES: How much?
JT: Superlots
ES: How much is that?
JT: Its...a lot.
by JT<3ES August 17, 2009
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