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A very strong concentrated form of Actright. It is said that when one receives that Super Ultra Omega Actright they will become unrecognizable, even to God and Jesus (God even tries wearing glasses to recognize the Actrighted person). In order to threaten someone with Super Ultra Omega Actright or even use it one must fear it first.

NOTE: When one is Super Ultra Omega Actrighted, the fear of being Actrighted can cause them to do impossible things.
Jeff: Man I love these new headphones I got
Jamar: too....Super Ultra Omega Actright...They're my headphones now.
Jeff: They're already yours.....

Marquis:Man I don't wanna study for this test tomorrow!
Jamar: Yes you do...Super Ultra Omega Actright!!!
Marquis: Maaaaan....Look man I got an "A+"
Jeff:But the test isn't until tomorrow....
Jamar: That's the power of Super Ultra Omega Actright.
by Jintrigger March 05, 2012
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