Super Sonic Sus is Suspicious or Sus but in its highest true form of Susness. Super Sonic Sus is another way of saying shit is beyond sus xD
Lets say your in a twitch stream and a @HiBlue is in the chat
@HiBlue: Hey anyone wanna play step sister
@Addieicecreamm: Replying to @Hiblue STOP BEING SUPER SONIC SUS BLUEE
by BroskiiiPotatooooo March 23, 2021
Super sonic Reese is a YouTuber who makes plush videos he has multiple series on his YouTube channel and scratch profile
Hey I just found this new YouTuber his name I super sonic Reese you should go subscribe to him
by Super sonic reese February 13, 2022
An explosive shit so loud and comes out with so much force it makes you think you blew all your intestines out the poop shoot and knocked a hole in the back of the toilet splattering shit all over the wall and knocking you of the shitter and leaving you thinking am I dead or did I make it out alive

2 a fart that come out so furious and angry it blows the ass of your pants out and leaves you no way of denial
Oh shitting oh no super sonic booming

Karin that bitch always with her super sonic booming ya like she puts her ass to a bullhorn 📢 when shitting Oh no super sonic booming bitches
by Boo man booming January 25, 2021
A man sitting in his mums basement withering away as he plays rocket league. He has yet to embrace a woman's touch
I've never seen a super sonic legend in real life, I wonder why
by Omar Goodboy January 12, 2021
When the man has a bonner and there standing and he starts poking her with whith his shaft
I gave my girlfriend a Super sonic shaft
by Monkeysex1 June 1, 2009
After banging a chick hard you pull out and cum in her eyes, blinding her while yelling "Boom Bitch"
Dude last night I gave Becky the ultimate super sonic power squirt!
by bordman24 September 12, 2010